Leadership Culture

What is “leadership culture”? Can/should an organisation be described as having a culture of leadership? Is leadership merely an attribute (good or bad) of organisational culture? Does leadership develop out of culture, … or… does culture stem, at least in part, from the behaviours of leaders?

While the phrase ‘leadership culture’ sounds like yet another result from a consulting buzz word generator, an organisation’s ‘leadership culture’ should be a critical consideration for all organisations.

Leadership culture is the collective effect of leader behaviours within/on an organisation. A leadership culture helps or harms the broader organisational culture to achieve business strategy. It is the critical factor that shapes organisational health.

The way to harness leadership culture is through assessment, development, and collaboration. Research now confirms the more great leaders an organisation develops, the more it will become an outstanding organisation.

Don’t just rely on the behaviour of one great leader… Rather, enhance business strategy execution and organisational performance by:
1. increasing the self awareness of your leaders
2. developing individual and collective leader capabilities
3. driving leader collaboration through strong working relationships, appropriate KPIs, and a common focus.

…your leadership culture!

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