Set expectations and get quicker results: Scientists prove importance of expectation management

Science Daily: The human brain works incredibly fast. However, visual impressions are so complex that their processing takes several hundred milliseconds before they enter our consciousness. Scientists have now shown that this delay may vary in length. When the brain possesses some prior information — that is, when it already knows what it is about to see — conscious recognition occurs faster. Until now, neuroscientists assumed that the processes leading up to conscious perception were rather rigid and that their timing did not vary. Read the full article here. 

My thoughts…

For many years, we’ve known good leadership and management involves expectation setting – but many leaders and managers just ‘expect’ their people to know. Science now confirms we can get quicker neural responses if the brain possesses some prior information about an ‘incoming stimulus’. So if we want improved outcomes from direct reports and teams, we must clearly establish expectations – both what can be expected during an experience/task/process, as well as what outcomes are expected from that experience/task/process.

Clarifying expectations reduces uncertainty, and accelerates action…

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